Web Development

We build amazing web products.

From straightforward institutional websites, to full fledged business aplications.

If it makes sense to exist inside a browser window, we can do it.

Private Journal Web App

Private Journal is a journaling app with a strong focus on privacy.

Everything is encripted (even we can't see it) and there's a lot more privacy centric features

Go check it out.

Brew Stone Website

A website for a restaurant / bar in Swansea - Wales - UK.

Developed using a LAMP stack, and Laravel 4 framework, and with a custom build CMS.

Go to the website.

Peppermint Website

A website for two bars in Wales - UK.

Developed using a LAMP stack, and Laravel 4 framework, and with a custom build CMS.

Go to the website.

Contas de Casa

A family expense manager web app developed as an in-house product.

This web app is being developed using the MEAN Stack.

Development in progress.

Mobile Developement

The world has gone mobile, and we are there in the front lines.

Whether you need a powerhouse native app, or a flexible hibrid app to target all markets at once, we're the right partner to get it done.

Animaly app

Animaly is an app designed to help animal lovers manage their pets in the most effortless way possible.

Go check it OUT.

Angola Pavilion Expo 2012 Korea

A mobile app for the Angola pavilion in the international expo of 2012 in Korea.

This was a comissioned mobile development to build two native apps (Android and iOS).

Since the end of the exibit, only the Android version survives on the Play Store.


A children management app developed as an in-house product.

We are using the Ionic framework to build this as an hybrid app, and an MEAN stack backend to handle the data.

Development in progress.

Peppermint App

A mobile app for two bars in Wales - UK.

An hybrid app built using Ionic. Go check out at the App Store.


We are always searching for the next big shaker.

And in these last few years, web development has seen a lot of them.

We follow the agile development doctrine, so any tool that can help bring flexibility to our development workflow is most welcome.

And our clients gain from better time-to-market and less management overhead.

MEAN Stack

Web Development Stack that is taking the world by storm.

The components are MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS

One of the amazing things we where impressed with while using this stack is that we can keep one part of the complexity down. In every part of the stack the language is teh same - javascript.

LAMP Stack

Web Development Stack based on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (mostly)

This is still the stack that supports most of the internet.

And even if this the "old" stack, there's still a lot of inovation, for instance the framework we use - Laravel - is being called one of the best MVC frameworks out there.


Ionic is one of the new kids on the block.

An hybrid app development framework, that allows us to target multiple mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) using the same code base

It's never been this easy to build for mobile.

If you have an idea worth building now is the time. Contact us.